Friday, 15 December 2017

Duplicate copies of Census reports

Dear all,

Jan Usher at the National Library of Scotland has duplicates that she would like to offer and have rehoused - list is below.

If you are at all interested then please email Jan on:

Thank you.

Duplicate Census volumes

Travancore 1975 Census report

Mysore General Census report 1871

Mysore General Census report 1871 supplement

Native Cochin 1875

Ceylon 1901 Vols II and IV

Ceylon 1911 Occupation statistics

Ceylon 1911 Town & village stats. (2 vols.)

Ceylon 1911 Tables (2 vols.)

Ceylon 1911 Estate population

Ceylon 1921 report Vol. I (2 vols.)

Ceylon 1963 – Population (4 vols.)

Ceylon – the review of the results of the Census of 1911 (3 vols.)

Census of India 1971, part 1, chapters I and II (with additional title: Indian census through a hundred years by D. Natarajan] (Census centenary monograph no 2).

Census of India 1971 – Economic and socio-cultural dimensions of regionalisation – An Indo-USSR collaborative study (Census centenary monograph no 7).

Census of India 1971 – extracts from the All India census reports on literacy (Census centenary monograph no 9).

Census of India 1971 - Age and marital status (Census centenary monograph no 8).

Census of India 1971 – India Census in perspective (Census centenary monograph no 1) (2 vols.)

Census of India 1971 – India Census in perspective – (Census centenary monograph no 1) - 3rd edition

Census of India 1971 Civil registration system in India - a perspective (Census centenary monograph no 4).

Census of India 1971 – Bibliography of census publications in India (Census centenary monograph no 5)

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