Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Naval Kishore Press Bibliography

The Naval Kishore Press was founded in Lakhnau in 1858 by Munshi Naval Kishore (1836-1895) and grew in the following decades to one of India's most important publishing houses. During Naval Kishore's lifetime the press published c. 5,000 titles covering literature in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Sanskrit on subjects as diverse as religion, education, medicine, school-books, translations of English classics and much more. On November 1858, he launched the Urdu newspaper Avadh Akhbar with a registered circulation of about 700 copies. The Avadh Akhbar was a great success with the Urdu reading public and remained in circulation until 1950.

The Library of the South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University holds with its 1,316 titles - 742 on microfilm -  issued by the Naval Kishore Press a representative cross section of the Press' publications.

The newly set up Naval Kishore Press Bibliography serves as a bibliographic database for records of books and journals published by the Naval Kishore Press and aims to provide access to bibliographic records of titles that are distributed in libraries worldwide. The bibliography is still under construction and contains currently c. 1,360 entries.

If you know of titles that should be included please contact Nicole Merkel-Hilf.

To make these publications online available to researchers worldwide, the South Asia Institute and Heidelberg University Library are digitising selected titles from their collection and present them on their online platform Literature on South Asia - digitized. The easiest way to access this material is via the Naval Kishore Press Bibliography by selecting "Browse by Format - Online Ressource".

Mohana Lāla: Lāl čīn: nāval (1925)

Jayadeva; Rāyacanda Nāgara [Editor]: Gītagovindādarśa: arthāt Rāyacanda Nāgara-kṛta Gītagovinda saṃskṛta kā bhāṣā-pratibiṃba (1926)