Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Lectures on South Asia at the Royal Asiatic Society

A couple of upcoming lectures at the Royal Asiatic Society have a focus on South Asia:

The next talk in the main Royal Asiatic Society lecture series will be 'African Soldiers, Governors, Nawabs and Cultural Brokers in South Asia' by Dr Shihan de Silva from the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. It will take place on Thursday 11th April at 6pm followed by a Q and A session and a drinks reception.

Following that on Wednesday 17th April at 6.30pm the RAS Student Lecture Series, Dhara D. Anjaria will talk on 'Marginalised Colonials? Non-British European Powers in India vis-a-vis the British'.

Both the lectures are free and open for all. Further information about the speakers and topics will be posted on the Royal Asiatic Society Blog , alternatively email or telephone 0207 388 4539. For directions to the Society visit the Royal Asiatic Society website.

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