Monday, 4 February 2013

Sir Edmund Leach and Burma

Chined Kulan boats, Botel Tobago (Leach, 1936-1937; ERL/4/15)
Chined Kulan boats, Botel Tobago (Leach, 1936-1937).  King's College Library, Cambridge (ERL/4/15)
Many of you will be fascinated by the archive of the month for February 2013 at King's College, Cambridge.  The focus is on the College's archives of Sir Edmund Leach, the social anthropologist. Particular attention is paid to his early fieldwork, including the research he carried out in Burma, for which he is best known. The site includes photos, an example of his detailed sketches and notes on language. Leach was Provost of King's College, from 1966 until 1979.

To see these and other highlights from King's College archives, please visit

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