Monday, 20 June 2011

Lions and dragons: the new RAS blog

Copyright RAS MS Malay Maxwell 15

Readers are encouraged to take a look at the Royal Asiatic Society's new blog which provides timely information about forthcoming lectures and events at the Society, plus podcasts for those unable to attend them.

Regular posts also feature items from the Society's art collections, library and archives.  I particularly enjoyed the rich illustrations in the guest post Malay Magic and Divination Manuscripts, including the dragon illustrated above.

Another relatively new blog which deserves an RSS feed or bookmark is that of the Ancient India and Iran Trust, launched in October 2010. The Society, an independent charity concerned with the study of early India, Iran & Central Asia, promoting both scholarly research & popular interest in the area, uses its blog to post information about grants and scholarships, conferences, seminars and lectures, library acquisitions and exhibitions.  As with the Royal Asiatic Society's blog, there are quick links to the Society's specialist library and archive resources.

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