Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Vets in India

The National Library of Scotland's India Papers collection continues to take the staff down unexpected paths. Not only do we now have a publisher producing facsimile reprints of the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report with their unique sepia photographs of hemp users but the website Medical History of British India is now nearing the end of phase 2 (look out for our Digitisation Manager Francine’s fascinating blog entries about this).
We’re pleased to announce that the Wellcome Trust approved funding for phase 3 of the project, which will see our veterinary reports digitised and added to the site in the coming months. This project has helped enormously in the success of a Collaborative Doctoral Award from AHRC, with the Library and the University of Strathclyde as partners. The post-graduate student, Chris Gill, will begin his study of the Civil Veterinary reports this month and he’ll contribute to the text for the website, enabling greater understanding of the content of this important collection.

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